Szanca was awarded Department of State HITSS Contract as part of Sycamore Team.

Szanca Solutions, Inc. was notified of their selection to provide services under the Department of State (DoS) HYBRID INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES FOR STATE (HITSS) contract as part of the Sycamore Team.

The HITSS contract covers computer-related technical services support for its operating systems, and hardware and software applications. The Department’s mission of foreign policy, national security and consular affairs requires sound management of information resources in the Department and overseas. Currently, the Department’s information technology consists of radios, telephones, specialized telecommunications terminals, relay facilities, leased circuits, minicomputers, mainframe systems, network servers, personal computers, microfiche and CD-ROM document archives. The Sycamore Team shall supply the qualified personnel and other services necessary to perform the specific and generic tasks needed to provide systems and software analysis and development; document analysis, development of systems design documents; computer programming; computer center operations; configuration management; software maintenance, testing, and troubleshooting; computer security; technical writing; training; and word processing.