19 Sep 15:  Szanca Solutions, Inc has agreed to team with RED Consultants on providing solutions to the UAS Industry.  Red Consultants, with offices in Columbia, MD and Garcia, CO has been focused on the UAS industry for the past several years.  Their focus has been on providing training and solutions to the marketplace.  RED Consultants has been working with the Grand Forks, ND Test Site and has a 333 certificate of waiver which allows them to develop commercial operations and proof of concepts for eventual use.  They are currently developing a payload which has a see-through-wall capability.  This will allow the first responder community to be able to see in a building to detect whether a person is inside before going inside.  By integrating this into the UAS, they can obtain data from an aerial view.  Red Consultants is also developing an FAA approved UAS Pilot Certification training program.  Joining forces will allow the two companies to collectively make major in-roads to the industry.