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Unmanned Aerial Systems

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The U.S. market is lagging behind the rest of the world in implementation of UAS.  According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) every year that airspace integration is delayed will cost us over $10B a year in lost economic impact and quality of services.  Implementing UAS solutions will allow for significant advancements in technology, enhanced capabilities, and result in saving lives, time and money.

For the past few years, Szanca has actively worked with various consortiums, 5 of the 6 test sites, industry, government and academia on advancements in the UAS industry with the goal of leading the way in the UAS industry and a focus on bringing operational capability to the PA/WV Region.

Szanca has FAA certified UAS Instructor Pilots on staff and has qualified UAS pilots and observers available
for any need.

Our initial focus is in the following areas:

 Emergency Management

•      Disaster Preparedness

•      First Responders

•      Disaster Recovery

•      Search and Rescue

 Infrastructure Inspection

•      Powerlines

•      Gas Lines

•      Rails

•      Cell Towers

•      Windmills

•      Bridges

•      Roads


Counter UAS

Situational awareness and optimization of the sensors and engagement assets employed in a threat UAS defense are essential for dealing with the complexity of the environment due to buildings, foliage, ground clutter, and terrain creating dead zones and line of sight issues

Szanca’s COSA system provides CUAS optimization and accurate situational awareness.

  • Utilizes LIDAR point cloud imagery and data to create a very accurate 3D model of locations
  • Overlays and simulates the performance of client selected CUAS sensors and engagement assets within the selected 3D environment
  • Suggests optimum locations for the CUAS assets at the location
  • Identifies gaps or deficiencies that need to be addressed
  • Users navigate through the 3D CUAS environment from a standard 2D computer work station
  • Can be used for predictive analysis on the incorporation of additional CUAS assets needed to further mitigate the threat UAS risks

Szanca is partnering with other organizations to integrate best of breed technologies into open architecture, end-to-end, system of systems, CUAS solutions for protecting friendly assets from hostile UAS threats